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49cc Gas Scooter Side

RMB EV Multi Point 500 - Electric 3 Wheel Multi Point 500 Watt

The RMB Multi-Point was designed to be "One scooter fits all".  We have integrated our customers wants and desires, into one scooter.  Whether its mobility, utility, convenience, or fun, The Multi-Point offers options our competitors only dream of.  This is by far the most versatile scooter on the market.  Besides  sporting  a powerful 500w , 48v power plant, the Multi-Point comes standard with dual usb port, Reverse, 2 speed limiter switch, tow hitch, ez swap battery pack, basket, seat, and folding handlebars!   Not enough features?  The Multi-Point also has optional multi-tote trailer,  custom DC to AC inverter, and the new Solar Canopy!  The Multi-Point is nicely appointed and it also has impressive performance with a top speed of 16 mph and an impressive range of up to 30 miles on a charge!  In addition,  the extra space provided by the flat floor deck design will allow customers to hop on the scooter without lifting their legs over the battery box and it also allows for extra cargo room for warehouse applications.  The EZ swap battery pack is a huge bonus for scooter rentals plus it makes for lighter lifting when transporting in RV's or other vehicles. 

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