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Electric Skateboard 600 Watts - Electric Skateboard 600 Watts

EMAD 600 Watt Electric Skateboard - EMAD skateboards combine the intensity of extreme sports with the classic thrills
of skateboarding to deliver the best power boarding experience available! When
it comes to street cruising, the EMAD Sidewalk Surfer 600 has the highest speed
and distance available. If you're looking for a good time cruising in your neighborhood
or the city, this is the board for you. It's also perfect for transportation on
short distance commutes!
<p>Your EMAD skateboard is controlled using a wireless, handheld remote control
  with a patented three-speed variable control system. This means you are always
  in control of how fast or slow you want to go. And when you want to stop, your
  EMAD skateboard is equipped with an integrated anti lock breaking system so
  you can stop safely. The EMAD Sidewalk Surfer Electric Skateboard has a top
  speed of 19 mph with a riding time of 45-60 minutes. The battery pack takes
  3-4 hours to fully charge.</p>
<p>We design and build boards because we ride just about every day! Our cutting
  edge boards are made with high-quality, reliable materials. Our decks are made
  of real wood, specially designed trucks and bushings. Our 600 and 800 watt models
  provide the highest onboard power available! All of our boards have an easy
  to read on-board LED battery life indicator. When you're on an EMAD skateboard,
  you know you are riding the latest in high-performance, quality, maneuverability,
  and power!</p>
<p>EMAD has an electric skateboard to satisfy every adrenaline junkies need for
  speed. Our rugged All Terrain design is perfect for getting your thrills off
  the beaten path and cruising down the beach. If hitting up the local skate scene
  is more your speed, there are several street designs available. The EMAD skateboard
  offers an experience like no other.