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X-tremescooters X-370 Electric Scooter - X-tremescooters X-370 Electric Scooter

The X-Treme Electric Scooter 2014 Model X-370 The X-Treme Electric Scooter Model X-370 is a classic style scooter priced well within reach of most users and delivering a 17-21 MPH top speed and up to 15+ miles on a single charge. This is our premium selling scooter and it features A 3 battery system equaling 36 Volts (most all other scooters that look similar have only 2 batteries & 24 volts) and the X-370 comes standard with a 350 watt powerful motor that is chain driven direct to the rear wheel, all while remaining in the lowest cost category for affordable compact and lightweight scooters. The X-Treme X-370's output is equal to 600 Watts of power. The all new X-370 features additional ground clearance thanks to the tilted angle of the rear swing arm which connects the frame to the rear wheel. Product Specifications: