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X-tremescooters XB-615 Electric Scooter - X-tremescooters XB-615 Electric Scooter

XB-615 Electric Bicycle

X-Treme's XB-615 Elite Electric e-bike (highest power unit we offer) with 4 (20 AMP) batteries & brush less rear 600 watt hub motor. The pedals are included free but do not need to be installed. The XB-615 is classified as a power assisted bicycle and is legal most everywhere with no license needed to ride.  The XB-615 is loaded with nearly all of the same features you will find on our electric motorcycles, yet the XB-615 costs 75% less.

The power of the XB-615 electric bike comes standard with a large 600 watt brushless rear hub motor (installed in the center of the rear wheel) that is powered by 4 large high power batteries (20 AMPS each battery - The Largest Battery We Offer) that will last 3 years or more & can be re-charged more than 500 times. The electric bicycle will travel 30 - 35 miles on a single charge.

The XB-615 is a great tool for commuters or those working on large campuses.

Since local and state laws may vary, we recommend that you check with your local DMV for restrictions and guidelines to operating this unit in case they have special provisions which overrule the Federal Bicycle Law.